We are

We are People4funds, an innovative start-up with a social vocation, committed to spreading, supporting and promoting the culture of crowdfunding and civic sense.

We believe that the financial instrument of crowdfunding [1] or “bottom-up funding” is a democratic form of participation in the implementation of projects, promoted by people (crowdf) and that overcomes the distinctions of class, nation, ethnicity, financial capacity.
We believe in the positive power of actions, of thinking and that crowdfunding is a tool for triggering positive processes, including jobs and civic sense, sense of participation, aggregation, culture, information, socialization.
The characteristics of immediacy, transparency and simplicity make it the main instrument for bringing people together in the realization of a project.
For info: www.people4funds.com

“There is great strength in people who lead their lives consistently: they decide to make sure that their philosophy of life and their actions are one”. Anthony Robbins

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