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Welcome to  CROWD’ area! What is it?
Welcome to the CROWD area! What is it?
We have decided to open the ART and Go project to the crowd, that is to people, to citizens, with which we make information available on the Italian artistic heritage through the app.
It’s a simple way to enhance our heritage, to welcome and keep alive our beautiful heritage.
Now you can also participate by pointing out places of interest, such as: castles, churches, excavations, museums, foundations, art galleries, historic parks, historic gardens, palaces, historic cemeteries, archaeological parks.
It is important that you provide us with all the information we have marked with *, including the geo-physical point.
But how is the geo-physical point detected?
Follow the directions if you are not capable. We remind you that we will verify all information, so please be sure to enter it in a consistent and correct manner.
One more question: do you want the name of your name as a flag or do you want to remain anonymous?
Give your consent to privacy Policy privacy_art_and_go and make your choice.
Thank you very much for your participation on our behalf and in the name of all those who can also discover thanks to you, the Italian wonders!
How to find the geographical coordinates.
Open Google Maps, search the map for the place you like and find out.
Now positioned a little below the POI (Point of Presence, the red dot in short).
By clicking the button on the left some information appears, you copy the numbers, ie latitude and longitude.


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